Itinérances au Pérou (ESSAI ET DOC) (French Edition)

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The role of the case study method in the foundations of psychoanalysis. Canadian Journal of Philosophy 18 4 , Le fantasme de viol. Revue Canadienne de Psychanalyse, 3, Does psychoanalysis have a future? Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 50, HEBB, D. On human thought.

Piégés par la drogue : des Français dans l'enfer des prisons péruviennes

Canadian Journal of Psychology, 7, Parental involvement and children's school achievement evidence for mediating processes. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 24 1 , Scent-marking behavior of sympatric wolves Canis lupus and coyotes C.

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Canadian Journal of Zoology, 69, Why treat doctors like pushers? Canadian Medical Association Journal, 4 , Memory and consciousness. Canadian Psychology, 26, Quebec separatism : An analysis of determinants within social-class levels. Sodium and potassium ions. A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conduction and excitation in nerve. Journal of Physiology, , The dual effect of membrane potential on sodium conductance in the giant axon of Loligo. Ionic permeability changes in active axon membranes.

Archives of Internal Medicine, 2 , Voir aussi Hodgkin et Huxley. Canard : Oiseau. Canard et empreinte. Duck, duckling. The Auk, 54, Training ducklings in broods interferes with maternal imprinting. Developmental Psychobiology, 19, The objective theory of instinct. Dans Foundation Singer-Polignac, L'instinct dans le comportement des animaux et de l'homme p.

Paris : Masson et Cie. Retroactive excitation : Post-training social experience with siblings consolidates maternal imprinting in ducklings. Social interaction with siblings is necessary for the visual imprinting of species-specific maternal preference in ducklings. Journal of Comparative Psychology, 99, Social specificity : Interaction with own species is necessary to foster species-specific maternal preference in ducklings. Developmental Psychobiology, 21, Visually imprinted maternal preference in ducklings is redirected by social interaction with siblings. DYER, A. Maternal and peer imprinting in mallard ducklings under experimentally simulated natural social conditions.

Developmental Psychobiology, 22, Intraspecific parasitism and nest-site competition in wood ducks. Animal Behaviour, 61, Testosterone and linear social dominance status in captive male dabbling ducks in winter. Ethology, , Host-parasite relatedness in wood ducks : patterns of kinship and parasite success. Behavioral Ecology 17, Voir aussi Animal, Oiseau et Animal de ferme Lorenz et ses canards. Collaborateur de Lattal.

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Resurgence of temporal patterns of responding. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, 95 3 , Response elimination, reinforcement rate and resurgence of operant behavior. Behavioural Processes, , Reinforcement rates and resurgence : A parametric analysis. Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 41 1 , A note on measuring recurrence.

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Mexican Journal of Behavior Analysis, 42 1 , Response-reinforcer dependency and resistance to change. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. Lung cancer and cigarettes. Nature , Emotionally expressive coping predicts psychological and physical adjustment to breast cancer. Coping with cancer : Can exercise help? The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 28 5 , Emotional and other selected characteristics of cigarette smokers and non-smokers as related to epidemiological studies of lung cancer and other diseases.

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Facing a prostate cancer diagnosis.

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Cancer, 94, LOVE, R. Cancer prevention. Seminars in Family Medicine, 2, Breast cancer : A feminist perspective. Ussher Ed. Leicester : British Psychological Society. Attributions, beliefs about control, and adjustment to breast cancer. Exercise after cancer diagnosis.

Police Abuse in Contemporary Democracies | SpringerLink

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Guide Itinérances au Pérou (ESSAI ET DOC) (French Edition)

Toward an understanding of life with cancer : Personal meanings, psychosocial problems, and coping resources. The Hospice Journal, 1, TENO, J. Dying trajectory in the last year of life : does cancer trajectory fit other diseases.

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