African PENS 2011: New Writing from Southern Africa (Sapen)

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PEN South Africa member Zapiro, a talented political cartoonist who is no stranger to issues of press freedom himself, very kindly drew an incredible portrait of Louw to commemorate the award.

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We celebrate this career and his ninetieth birthday on this, The Day of the Imprisoned Writer. Raymond has worked tirelessly — and he continues to do so — to ensure that each and every writer and journalist can express their views without fear or favour. Louw, who celebrated his 90th birthday this year on 13 October, is a veteran South African journalist and media freedom activist. During his 72 year career Louw has been at the forefront of the fight for press freedom in South Africa.

During apartheid he headed the Media Defense Trust which was set up to defend journalists, publications, film and video producers, broadcasters and authors against court actions or other censorship actions. Criminal defamation in Africa has been a particular issue that Louw has focused on in recent years. You have chosen to pay me the honour of being the first recipient of this prestigious award from a great institution for trying to do what all writers do constantly and for which many undergo brutal treatment and often imprisonment. You have chosen to announce this on the Day of the Imprisoned Writer and I am deeply conscious of the many writers, editors and journalists who have in the last few days and over the last several months been summarily imprisoned in Turkey and their newspapers closed.

The right to know and to read and hear what others say and think is an essential element of life and I am pleased I discovered that truth. I am deeply appreciative of the award and will treasure it.

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In that sense, you think backwards: what you have to say, whom you say it to, and how it will reach the audience. Having to consider your work through the eyes of somebody who knows nothing about you as an artist and what you are doing is a useful exercise. I take one thing and work it out a number of ways. In the fall it opened at the Lincoln Center in New York.

In , Kentridge received the prestigious Kyoto Prize in recognition of his contributions in the field of arts and philosophy. A major museum survey show at Kunstmuseum Basel, opening 8 June until 13 October.

Sapen, Used

Together they have had numerous solo exhibitions most recently at The Centre Georges Pompidou and the Hasselblad Center Candice Breitz b. Throughout her career, she has explored the dynamics by means of which an individual becomes him or herself in relation to a larger community, be that community the immediate community that one encounters in family, or the real and imagined communities that are shaped not only by questions of national belonging, race, gender and religion, but also by the increasingly undeniable influence of mainstream media such as television, cinema and popular culture.

Robert Hodgins was born in Dulwich, England in Then he took up a position as Journalist and Critic for Newscheck magazine. At the end of he retired to take up painting full-time. Some paintings convey a feeling of deep seriousness and sadness; the paintings depict a sense of confusion that many people experience. However Hodgins believed that being an artist is about creating something new, an artist perfects the art of ingeniously reinventing content within society.

If you are aware of this, then you begin to build on the content of your whole life. Alfredo Jaar is an artist, architect, and filmmaker who lives and works in New York.

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He is known as one of the most uncompromising, compelling, and innovative artists working today. His work has been shown extensively around the world. He has participated in the Biennales of Venice , , , , Sao Paulo , , as well as Documenta in Kassel , The artist has realized more than seventy public interventions around the world. Over sixty monographic publications have been published about his work. He received the Hiroshima Art Prize in Gerhard Marx b.

South Africa, develops his projects through an engagement with pre-existent conventions and practices. This process entails careful acts of dissection and rearrangement, which allow Marx to engage the poetic potential and philosophical assumptions of his chosen material, developing original drawing, sculptural and performative languages. Vehicle is scheduled to form part of the Holland Festival in June Mikhael Subotzky b.

The full exhibition and archive of this project has since been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and will be the subject of a monographic exhibition there in the fall of Thomas holds a B. Born in Springs, South Africa in Lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Nhlengethwa was born into a family of jazz lovers; his two brothers both collected jazz music and his deceased eldest brother was a jazz musician. Jazz performers improvise within the conventions of their chosen styles. In an ensemble, for example, there are vocal styles that include freedom of vocal colour, call-and-response patterns and rhythmic complexities played by different members.

Painting jazz allows me to literally put colour onto these vocal colours. There are deliberate tonal distortions that contribute to its uniqueness. My jazz collages, with their distorted patterns, attempt to communicate all of this.

South African artists showcase an indigenous writing system

As a collagist and painter, fortunately, the technique allows me this freedom of expression… What I am doing is not new though, as there are other artists before me who painted jazz pieces. He has researched and written on the use of wire in African material culture in this region and is deeply interested in the influence of these traditions in contemporary South African art. He has had numerous solo exhibitions with the Goodman Gallery, and has created several large-scale commissions for venues such as the Zeitz Sculpture Garden in Segera, Kenya.

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My work can be said to reflect the socio-political landscape of South Africa both past and present. The socio-political conditions created by the apartheid system of government have to a large extent transfixed the human condition as the axis around which my work evolves. The human figure has become the icon of creative expression. Kudzanai Chiurai b. As an increasingly important figure in contemporary African art, Chiurai has expanded his art and activist practice to include photography and video: mediums that enable the artist to address pertinent issues facing his generation of southern Africans.

Chiurai has held numerous solo exhibitions with Goodman Gallery and has edited four publications with contributions by leading African creatives. Hasan and Husain Essop b. In they completed a 3-month residency at the prestigious Thami Mnyele Foundation in Amsterdam. The exhibition has since been shown in five cities across South Africa, and at the Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde in Dubai. Carla Busuttil has created and collaborated on works in multiple mediums, though her practice has a core focus on the materiality and medium of painting. She is particularly interested in notions of private versus public space, mapping and illustrating these often competing worlds — having recently developed a collaborative project on the topic of private security and the corporate entities that operate in that industry.

While she is based in the UK, much of her work is influenced by the context of growing up in late apartheid South Africa. Often the subject matter she chooses to explore is a reflection on contemporary versions of segregated settings as well as sites of exclusion and privilege — gated communities, private schools, tax havens — and their impact on society and the various groups occupying these settings.

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Busuttil b. She currently lives and work in Birmingham, UK. Slideshow Thumbnails. Sigalit Landau Water Meter Blues. Mikhael Subotzky Mr. Roussouw, Beaufort West William Kentridge Untitled II. William Kentridge Untitled V.